About Us

Before working in IT, I HATED, when the IT guys would blame the ISP & the ISP would blame the IT guys etc.

How many times have you felt stuck in the middle with no one actually taking responsibility? When I established, First Contact back in 2001 I was adamant we were not going to be that sort of IT support provider.

This issue is at the core of our principles, over the last two decades we have developed a full range of IT and related services along with strategic partnerships so that we are able to look after the entire range of technical problems an organisation may face. So even if it’s not something we deal with, we are happy to liaise with your 3rd party provider to get it sorted, let’s be honest the likelihood is we speak the same dialect of jargon, so why shouldn’t we help you.

We always strive to under promise and over deliver, because when I think of services I’ve been provided over the years, it’s the ones that manage to achieve more than I expect that I always want to reuse.

As a family run business, First Contact adheres to the principles of good service at a fair price. We like to develop friendly working relationships with all our clients taking an active interest in what you do, not only to support your IT but to help you grow.

Once you become one of our maintenance clients we like to connect you with our other clients if there is a potential synergy, we review your IT needs and business growth plans to make sure we can help you achieve your goals with the technology you need.

We are proud to boast that we still support our very first client and after more than 20 years feel more like family than just their IT support.