Are you sitting comfortably Then I’ll begin… min

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I’ll begin…

18/09/2023 by

First Contact

No, don’t worry it’s not A once a upon a time kind of story. 

Yesterday during a client review one of my clients asked me if they had set up their laptop port replicator correctly, so while I was checking it for them, and helping them tidy up some of the cables on their desk, I noticed that they were sitting at a very uncomfortable angle.

After a bit of a discussion, we agreed it would be best to move their laptop on its stand towards the back centre of the desk and place their monitor next to it.

The result was instant, they were suddenly more comfortable. Instead of glancing across the desk at two sides and twisting between screens they were able to sit facing both screens, we adjusted the heights as well so they weren’t either looking too far up or glancing down at their laptop screen.

As well as being more comfortable all the cables were able to be gathered centrally at the back of the desk which also made it look tidier as well.

This resulted in a quick run around the offices to look at everyone’s desk set up.  Now I know to some of you this would be obvious, but not to everyone.  I had the advantage of having an Osteopath as a client and many years ago when I first set up our offices, I had them come in and make sure everyone’s desk space and seating position were set correctly.

It’s not really an IT issue, but I do find it has helped productivity as everyone is comfortable when they are working at their desks.  I’ve even been to one client who takes this to the next level, they have a member of staff who has ADHD, and to make a reasonable adjustment for them, they have installed a standing desk and a ireless headset for their phone, giving them the ability to move around more which in turn helps them focus and work more efficiently.

My advice would be if you have an office set up, invite an Osteopath, Occupational Therapist or other suitable practitioner in to check how your staff are positioned when working your staff will thank you for it & potentially become even more productive.