CCTV 7 reasons why it’s vital for you and your business min

CCTV: 7 reasons why it’s vital for you and your business

09/07/2019 by

Xander Ross

As you might be aware, not only do we offer IT support, great web packages, and Wi-Fi installation, but we can also offer CCTV installation, but why exactly would you want a CCTV system?

1. Visual deterrent – One major advantage of CCTV systems is that by having cameras covering your property you can deter potential criminals. This is because criminals will often target properties with no monitoring or security.

2. Reducing insurance costs – In some cases, installing a security system like CCTV can help reduce your insurance costs.

3. Peace of mind – Often when you’re away from home, whether that’s at work or on holiday you might worry about what’s happening whilst you’re not there, but with a CCTV system, you can remotely view your cameras.

4. Keep an eye on your staff – make sure everyone is working when they should be.

5. Health & Safety – CCTV can help spot dangerous mistakes staff make, that can then be used to help train them to avoid dangerous situations.

6.  Assisting Law Enforcement – Not only can CCTV help protect your property, but CCTV footage can often capture footage of criminals in action, which can help law enforcement to catch the culprits (think how many times you’ve seen the headline “Police release CCTV footage to try and catch criminal”)

7. Pets – CCTV systems can be a great way to keep an eye on your pets or watch wildlife.  If you are really into watching your wildlife on your cameras, we’d recommend getting in touch with this guy to record you a David Attenborough voice over.

If you have any other questions or enquiries about CCTV, please either call us on 0161 740 7400 or email us at [email protected].