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Black Box - Powered by Synology

First Contact delivers bespoke, flexible, media and data management solutions, allowing you to safeguard your data and workflow with the Black Box.

It’s 2 AM. You’ve just wrapped shooting. Your client has long since gone home. Now you’ve got the dreaded task of heading back to the office to back up hundreds of files before going home as you anxiously wait, terrified as to whether your drive might corrupt or get damaged on the way home.
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How much did it cost you last time you lost content?

Imagine how much easier it could be. No more worrying about whether your content is safe and secure. Instead, you can use the Black Box, offloading your footage while you’re on location. Allowing you more time to do what matters.

Bespoke. Built for you.

Each Black Box is tailored based on your needs.

Give your files the system they deserve.

Each Black Box is powered by Synology, ensuring that you get secure and reliable file management, with up to 10GB/s read/write speeds!

Secure. Safe. No matter what.

With regular backup and versioning, you can rest easy knowing your files are safe and secure no matter what happens.

Rugged and ready

Each Black Box is housed in a rugged hard carry case, meaning no matter the weather or environment your files are safe from the elements.

All for one. And one for all.

The Black Box can sync with the Office Box in your office and allow you to seamlessly share projects, files and information across different devices in real-time.

No compression. No compromises.

Unlike other solutions, the Black Box allows you to store your files as you created them.

Unlimited Integrations

The Black Box works natively with whatever NLE, Post-Production Software and Equipment you may be using. From an iPhone, to an Arri. From Final Cut to Avid.

Yours. Now and forever.

With the Black Box there’s no hidden fees, subscriptions or contracts. Once you buy it it’s yours.

Black Box: Mini
Black Box: Max
Black Box: Office Box Mini
Black Box: Office Box

Black Box: Office Box Max

Black Box+

Black Box+ is our optional tiered support service, ranging from over the phone to on-site maintenance and training.

Black Box Mini

Storage -from 1TB to 7TB

Drive Bays - 2

Connection - 1GBps


Black Box

Storage - from 1TB to 21TB

Drive Bays - 4

Connection - Up to 10GBps

Office Box

Storage - Bespoke

Drive Bays - from 6 to 60

Connection - Up to 10GBps

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