Structured Cabling

Are you suffering from a messy comms cabinet?

We aren’t scared by a comms cabinet that looks like Spaghetti Junction. Our structured cabling services can help you to organise your comms cabinet and tidy up your data cabling for good. A tidy comms cabinet isn’t just nicer to look at; it means that next time you’re in need of IT or comms assistance, your specialist will be able to find their way around your cabinet with ease, quickly identifying and fixing any problems caused by your cabling. 

Why tidy up your comms cabinet?

Keeping your comms cabinet tidy isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a vital part of maintaining the health and quality of your data cabling network. Whenever maintenance or repairs need to be carried out on your data cabling, IT specialists will struggle to spot faults or find the correct cables if your cabinet is a mess.

Our structured cabling service will provide you with a clear and detailed plan of your comms cabinet which can be used whenever faults need identifying or new cables need adding to the cabinet. Once your cabinet’s tidy, it’s much easier to continue adding and extracting cables in an organised way in future, which is something your IT department will thank you for.

We work with all kinds of data cabling including cat5, cat6 & fibre cabling to tidy up your comms cabinet and get it neat and, more importantly, easy to work with going forwards.

Why choose us

Unlike many other IT companies, we’ve never been afraid of a messy comms cabinet. Our IT professionals provide a convenient out of hours service to minimise disruption to your business. We will fully catalogue your cables while disassembling your comms cabinet and stripping it back to just its component parts, before rebuilding it neatly while recording a detailed cabinet and cabling plan for future use. Our structure data cabling service includes:

Meticulous cataloguing of all of your cables

A complete, tidy rebuilding of your cabinet

A detailed plan that can be used in the future for fault tracking or additional cabling

We are an experienced, qualified data cabling installer. We’ve cleaned up messy comms cabinets for countless clients, and we can’t wait to get our hands on yours. Call us today to know more about our structured cabling services and find out how we can help your business.

Examples of our work: